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The coupon can be redeemed through midnight on the date the coupon expires. Cashiers will carefully review your coupons to ensure that they are not expired. Expiration dates are on coupons to help the manufacturers tell which offers are working and which are not. By only allowing their coupons to be redeemed for a select period of time, the manufacturers can decided whether to offer that same coupon again or if they need to try something else. Most coupons are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them anywhere and at any store. However, there are some store coupons that you can use at the specific store.

Here are a few tips to notice the difference. They state it. See the coupon above. We know this is a store coupon. Remit to address. Store coupons will not have this on their coupons, because they do not need to send the coupon off for reimbursement. It it says manufacturer coupon, it still can be used anywhere. Available at. However, you can use these coupons anywhere. Redeemable at. The coupon may state this, but it does not mean that is the only store where you can redeem it.

They are still manufacturer coupon and can be used at any store. Redeemable only at. So to continue with our example, that means you could buy 2 loaves of bread, and use a coupon on each one.

Understanding Coupon Limits (One Per Item!)

No matter how many items you purchase. Watch for Limitations — In January , coupons started regularly printing limitations on coupons.

What Does Limit One Coupon Per Purchase Of Products And Quantities Stated Mean?

That means you cannot use 5 or more coupons when you are buying that item. You will need to go out to your car, regroup, and shop on another day if you want to use more than four coupons. Sometimes it will state Limit 2 Coupons per Shopping Trip, that means you can only use 2 coupons! You can buy more items, but you cannot use more than 2 coupons, so you would be paying full price for those items. NO, you cannot gather coupons and get actual cash instead. It is some legal wording that was added to the coupon during the Depression Era.

While researching this, I was amazed at how much processing and handling is involved with redeeming coupons. According to a white paper published in April by ScanAps,. From the time a consumer submits a coupon to a cashier in the store, an average of eight pairs of hands physically touch every coupon before it is finally shredded and the retailer is reimbursed.

I was also shocked at all of the different types of fraud involved at each point of this eight-hand process. So, as long as the store accepts coupons according to their terms , then they will still bring in money when people use them on a product. I mean besides just to see which ones you want to clip and use and which ones to pass on?

I did recently and found some very interesting new language included in the fine print section of several coupons. I am not sure when the new print showed up, but as a frequent coupon user I can assure you that these changes have not been around for long. Thanks to some sour grapes in the consumer bunch and to the millions in lost sales due to the recession, manufacturers have added substantially to the fine print in coupons.

There is so much legalese on these little pieces of paper now that one must wonder if they are buying a loaf of bread or leasing a car.

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Limit of one Coupon Per Purchase : This does not mean per transaction, but per item. In other words, you may use one manufacturer coupon per product. If you have five products and five manufacturer coupons, you can use all five coupons in the same transaction.

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Void if Copied, Sold, Exchanged, or Transferred : It turns out that there is a lot of fraud with coupon use from consumers, cashiers, stores, and clearinghouses see below for the role of clearinghouses in all of this. One of the ways that consumers fraudulently use coupons is by scanning them and making copies on glossy paper that look like the originals.

Another question with this fine print is whether or not it is legal to sell your coupons on sites such as eBay?

Coupon Terms - Where There's a Willis

See below. It is illegal to sell something that has no cash value.

So how do people and auction sites such as eBay get around this? Clipping coupons and selling them takes time, and so people actually sell their time as a service rather than sell the actual coupons themselves. EBay coupon auction listings typically include a statement that specifies that the coupons are free and the bidder is paying the seller for the service of procuring, clipping and compiling the coupon sets. Do Not Double : Most coupons have instructions to not allow the doubling of their coupon. However, if the coupon barcode begins with the number 5, and your store doubles or triples coupons, then your coupon will act accordingly.

If the coupon barcode begins with the number 9, then it will not double. Retailer : The rest of the information on the coupon is directions for the retailer on how to redeem the coupon for reimbursement. This will include an address, the amount of shipping and handling or processing fees they will receive, etc. See below for more information on these terms. You need to know if this means limit of 4 identical coupons per visit, per day, per transaction, per customer, or per person.

Per purchase is different from per transaction. A purchase is each product within a transaction. The transaction is everything that is on the receipt you're given in the end. So, what it means to limit one coupon per purchase is you can use one coupon per product in your entire transaction. It used to be that you could use one coupon per product per transaction.

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  8. So if you wanted to purchase five bottles of mustard and use five coupons for mustard, this was legal. The above language will help with the situation, but the obvious legal way around it is to separate your load into separate transactions — most cash register clerks are happy to oblige but it is a hassle for consumers and creates a long line.

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