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Mark added that a majority of signing agents are women and that buyers have gone through a pretty thorough loan application vetting process. The easiest way to start getting signings is to add your name to as many signing services as possible. Those are the loan officers, real estate agents, title agents, escrow officers, and others involved with the closing of home sales. Use those contacts to get your name out there. A question that Mark gets asked a lot is about market saturation.

There is a fixed amount of loan signings per month, so adding more agents will only reduce the potential income. Brian might get a text at 4pm asking if he can make a 6pm signing. I asked Brian if he thought he could take the signing business full-time, and he said yes. Is this truly an option in all states? My sister is a real estate agent and she said that the lender and the title agent are the ones that do all of the paperwork. Fantasy in some states. Many title companies have in house people to close loans, or use long time trusted freelance people. You are going to be collecting payoff and escrow checks, and be responsible for their delivery on a timely basis to the appropriate recipients.

A lot more than just notarizing docs and some closings can take several hours or more. Want pie? Go to a bakery. Not in the sky. Thanks for the comment!

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I always recommend that my students do their due diligence for their state prior to getting started and I do provide resources such as the link below providing more information on how your state closes loans and what costs are involved:. And while you have listed some activities that are required of a signing agent, you have listed a number of exceptions, not the rule.

Because some people want every detail explained.

Collecting checks happens, but not often. Just some good old-fashioned hard work and a great education on the subject matter! I dealt personally with one of these loan signers for a loan and it was great. Most loans done online now use these and many of the largest lenders do too. Ive been a realtor and mortgage broker.

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Hi Brian! Thanks for listening to the podcast and for the comment!

In Massachusetts, you cannot work as an independently contracted loan signing officer — you must be working directly under the attorney or lender. To do otherwise would be considered the unauthorized practice of law. Here is a list of state restrictions from the National Notary Association. Hi Rachel, great comment. And Massachusetts is certainly an attorney state where attorneys handle loan closings.

And under certain circumstances, attorneys hire contracted signing agents when needed. And in attorney states, you can also do what are known as out of state signings where the signer resides or is visiting the state but the property is located in a non-attorney state. In that case, a contracted signing agent could be used.

So make sure you do your due-diligence first. In the loan signing agent industry, there are attorney states and escrow states. The states that close with an escrow process have significantly more opportunity to make money on the side or full time. Click below to learn more with my blog on signing agents:.

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I was living in one city and selling a property located in another city. A loan signer met me at my residence and the whole job was completed in an hour or less. At that time I remember wondering how she got that gig! Great observation Debbie! And she probably got the job by getting a text message asking if she was available!

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And you can get started with just a notary commission! Just curious if this is viable in areas that use e-sign docs. My wife is a Realtor and everything she does is with e-signature. Would this be more for the actual closing docs with the title company? What are the odds of success in rural, small population areas? This seems like a great program but is it worth pursuing if there is not enough population to support this side hustle? I live in a city of 11, and there are approximately , people within 30 miles. Is this a big enough population base to consider following through with?

The Notary Learning Center offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions on becoming a notary public or renewing your existing commission. Additionally, we offer the notary signing agent special training, certification and testing, as well as thorough background screening. Our California Notary Exam website provides information about the mandatory classes and state exam, offered to notaries in the State of California. The Notary's Store offers professional notary supplies, making it as easy as possible to order high quality products meeting all State requirements.

Notary-Services was originally launched in and provides a proven place for mobile notaries and notary signing agents to be found by the rapidly growing loan document signing and closing businesses. These companies work directly with mortgage, lending and funding clients. We have recently re-arranged and updated our web site. We feel the new layout is better organized and will make it easier to find what you are looking for. The text below explains our site's major sections and what you will find in each.

The qualifications and requirements are different for each state, so we have organized each state's data into easy to follow step-by-step instructions with Contact Information, Qualification Requirements, and Application Procedures. We look forward to helping you to become a notary or with renewing your notary commission. You can access the Notary Public section from any page on this site through the Notary Public link at the top of each page. You will then actually have two titles. First, as a Notary Public who confirms the identity of the borrowers, witnesses the signing and insures that the documents are signed correctly.

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