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Preserving the integrity of this barrier is key to health.

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Tight junctions the seals between cells fortify our gut linings. Good health depends on the gut, and a healthy gut depends on tight junction integrity. When tight junctions are exposed to environmental toxins, they break apart, allowing foreign particles to invade the bloodstream. This compromises your immune system. This encourages better cell-to-cell communication, a more diverse microbiome, and a better protected immune system.

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Categories American Health. Buried Treasure. Daily Support. MacroLife Naturals. Natural Vitality. Check it out, Blue Apron. A better way to cook. But what is it that happens in your gut when bacteria are communicating better with one another?

I mean why is that someone would actually even care about something like that? Is that what you mentioned earlier? But what else is going on? What else is it doing? We were nowhere near intelligent enough to plan all this out until the eloquence that it turns out to be. But what we found is the antidote to one of the biggest problems we have right now as a population, which is gut permeability. So you have like this fraction of a sheet of cellophane that covers this huge two tennis court area made out of trillions of tiny little microscopic cells that are all bonded together by like a velcro-like protein called tight junctions.

And that velcro, it turns out, is being weakened by the lack of presence of bacteria.

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And so, as we kill the bacteria in our gut through the use of antibiotics from our doctors, or the use of antibiotics in our food chain, meat production industry is responsible for the biggest quantity of antibiotic usage in the environment, second only to the amount of antibiotic we use on our feed, on our plant crops.

And so on the plant crops, we use an antibiotic called glyphosate. And you mentioned this early in your show here today, glyphosate is the single chemical that was initially put into play by Monsanto for their product Roundup. And that came off patent in , so now China actually makes most of the glyphosate in the world rather than Monsanto.

And so as the velcro weakens in your gut lining from constant exposure to glyphosate…. The tight junctions that hold one cell to the next cell to create a cohesive membrane. And so when you start to get leak and when you start to get this high gut permeability, your immune system is very rapidly overwhelmed. You get born into a hospital, a wholly abnormal bacterial environment, then you get taken home to a dry wall cube that we call a house, and you have no contact with a garden often in the first year of life.

I think almost nobody is being born into a natural ecosystem anymore. And so when that tight junction proteins system of the extracellular matrix around the cells that are the velcro protein holding the gut lining together, nasal sinuses all the way to the rectum, when that is threatened by glyphosate or another compound that we can see frequently that can do the same kind of pattern is the gliadin compound, which is a breakdown product of gluten.

So we have this passive rash of gluten sensitivity, and that turns out to actually being tied right into the glyphosate again. But gluten has the same ability to kind of open up that Velcro system and cause leak. We talk about two things.

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Exactly right. And this helped farmers who, in the northern climates, were at risk of losing a crop because snow was coming early or whatever. Suddenly they could spray prematurely a crop before it was ready to be harvested, kill it in three days, and then harvest it. And so that started in And so suddenly when we put glyphosate, which can damage that velcro system tight junctions and the gluten in the same bite of food. And so now you have this situation where every bite of gluten is like a triple threat.

I mean has anybody actually looked at like what happens when you drink down like a carbon-based redox signaling molecule?

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Like is there actually stuff happening or is this just all theoretical? Like have you actually studied this? So you can go to our website and look at this in real time. You can see on the small intestine, we grew up small intestine membranes and then expose them to different environments.

And so we can expose it to the amount of glyphosate you get in a typical beet or something like that, a root vegetable where in 10 parts per million of glyphosate. Or you can take a look at the amount of gliadin or gluten breakdown that you would get from a single slice of pizza. And so you can see the effects of that on the tight junctions.

And then on the same slide, you can see the effect of if the Terrahyrite is in play. In fact, you get stronger, not weaker there. Here comes a potential threat from glyphosate or gluten.


Lignite extract supplement? These are actual studies that have been done on this compound on the communication between the bacteria and the protection repair of the gut from things like glyphosate and gluten? And in those studies, you can read both small intestine, and colon data there, and everything else. So very profound effect. And so we have third parties that have executed the same science. I was talking earlier about how you can eat dirty plants and wild plants and increase your probiotic diversity by eating kimchi, and sauerkraut, and things like that. Why do we need to drink a supplement?

And the answer comes down to biodiversity again. And they and the largest among them just ate plants. And so we had a soil that was growing plant life that was so nutrient dense that a brontosaurus could grow to the size that it would. And so we have a really, really rich ecosystem that existed. And then suddenly there was a massive asteroid that hit and it buried those soils in a layer of dust that I think killed off a large amount of the biodiversity that been in the soil moments before.

But then you now start to think about the last 60 years of human history. And so we have a situation where we have been annihilating our environment through everything from our weapons development to our farming practices with spraying an antibiotic which is this glyphosate spraying an antibiotic all over everything. And so now when we travel the world, I think your friends are doing exactly the right thing, get as much bacteria as you can.

Our guts are fighting an uphill battle, it seems, against stuff like this glyphosate and gluten. So it makes sense. You mentioned the colon. It was kind of funny because when you sent me this bottle, you told me you can actually, in addition to like spraying it up your nose, this little sinus spray that you sent me, instead of just drinking a shot of the stuff before a meal, that you could also use it as an enema.

So does it do the same thing to your colonic bacteria when you do it as an enema?

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Is that more efficacious than drinking for the large intestine? The reason I asked, by the way, is I interviewed Matt Cowan about his probiotic formula.

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