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Verizon and Sprint have no step-down data plan. On Verizon, you start at 2GB; on Sprint, you start at unlimited. But listen up, people. For all but the super-power-users, there's really no point to unlimited data. Two phones on the family plan? Now that you're sufficiently jaded, here are my recommendations for good iPhone 4S service deals:. And Sprint's over-the-top talk minutes and unlimited data actually would come in handy when three phones are in play.

That's as far as I know the cheapest official advertised contract plan for an iPhone. But you really have to avoid text messaging, since you'll pay 20 cents for every message — 30 cents if it contains a picture or video. Retina display allows you to view with clarity you can't see the pixels. The by resolution also improves clarity. The built-in autofocus and the camera's ability to recognize faces helps you take VGA-quality pictures. You can also tap the screen to focus on objects. The iPhone 4s has between 8 to 14 hours of talk time and 6 to 9 hours of internet usage.

To recharge, use the USB port to connect to a computer or a power adapter. Verified purchase: Yes. I just received the iPhone today and it was amazing! It worked well, everything worked perfectly, and it was indeed network unlocked, icloud unlocked, AND without a passcode:, - volume buttons work up and down , - both cameras front and back work perfectly, videos are great qualities, etc. It looks pretty much new, with just some tiny bits of dirt on the edges that is easy to clean up. I loved it, and I would buy from soonersoft again if I ever wanted anything else from their products!

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Although theses phones a few generations old they're still great if you want an iPhone but don't have the cash for a current one. Battery life isn't great but acceptable, I have to charge mine daily. In my opinion these phones are a better buy than the current cheaper model phones at the same price point. Personally I don't like the size of the current phones, they're almost the size of some of the tablets.

So if you don't care about having the latest greatest you can't go wrong with an older model iPhone, besides Apple's latest version is basically an updated model 4 so if you have a case on this model you'll look like you have the latest. I'm very surprised with this phone.

I'm super impressed so far. I owned a 4s years ago, and instead of getting a newer model I went with what I already trusted. I'm glad I did since having the latest and greatest doesn't interest me. I use Net10 prepaid service, and I already had a mini sim that was in my android phone that my husband recently commandeered for his own use since his stopped working.

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That was the reason for my iPhone purchase. I popped it in the SIM tray and it read it in under 5 seconds. Setting up the phone was a breeze since I already had an Apple ID. From the time I took the phone out of the box, it was less than 4 minutes before I made a call with it. We live in a rural area, yet the phone gets great service here with Net10, and it picks up WiFi much better than my android phone did.

The only issue I'm having is deleting icons from the home screen, but I'm sure after the software update that will become a non-issue.

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As far as the battery life, I may have to get a new battery in the future. Time will tell. This phone has been sitting in a sealed box for a while, so I didn't expect a perfect battery. That being said, it had great charge when I first turned the phone on, and it seems to be holding really well.

I'd absolutely recommend purchasing this phone. I have purchased several iphone 4s phones for family and myself because of the many features of the 4s that set it apart from older phones including the cheaper price it's okay if you lose it , factory unlocked means you can use it around the world, small size means it's easy to carry around, rear facing camera for selfies and the GPS for turn by turn directions that work even outside the US! Purchasing second hand let allowed me to get my elder parents and myself our very own --paid off-- smart phone that does everything the modern phones do!

Will not charge.

The charge symbol has been on twice since I bought this phone. No good at all. I can't get a charger cord to work in it. I will go buy another cord today. The one Thau come with it was hard to get to go in it. Tried another it want get connection either. Finally got it to connect once enough to charge it. Then not again.

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No connection with charger cord I have now tried three cords to charge get no connection. I'm down to 48 percent on the one time it connected when I first opened it. The charger cords don't seem to go in fat enough to connect. One time was it. Phone works perfect just can't charge the battery. This one charge has stayed charged. I even powered it down. I haven't even made it to sprint to finish activating it. My mom passed I been busy. No phone just Internet. The 4S is an outdated dinosaur now. Battery is dead every morning after a full charge. Apple tried trouble shooting.

The phone can not handle the last, as well as most recent IOS update, which is 9. The guts of this phone can't think that fast, and in turn takes forever for the phone to do anything now. I loved my previous 4S before it was stolen.

USE the iPhone 4s in 2019, 2020 & Beyond. Here's How - Optimize - iOS 9.3.5

Ran perfectly on IOS 7. Never updated it because at the time IOS 8 was screwing up on the 4S. Don't fix it if it's not broken. What a mess, waste of money, and disappointment and frustration just even trying to make a phone call, since it takes 10 seconds to get to open the contact list, just like it does for every other controls and apps.

Hoping to get a refund, fingers crossed. I bought this to replace the identical model which I loved, but dropped. Spent the extra money to get the dual processor because I liked the speed of the old phone. On multiple occasions, at least one and often two or three of O2, Three and Orange works out cheaper than a SIM-only contract.

Note though - I'll emphasis again - this doesn't say anything about minutes, texts or data which are very hard to compare directly in this sort of analysis. And because it's more complex than it seems - and you need to make careful comparisons between the different offerings based on what you need in terms of minutes, texts and data. The data is very important on a smartphone, of course. For most people, MB is plenty in a month.

Turn autoplay off Turn autoplay on. Jump to content [s] Jump to comments [c] Jump to site navigation [0] Jump to search [4] Terms and conditions [8]. News Technology iPhone. The iPhone 4S tariffs - graphically and in a spreadsheet updated Orange and O2 turn out to be cheaper deals than buying a SIM-only deal and an unlocked handset - but make sure they'll offer you enough airtime.

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Three, meanwhile, trumps the rest in most areas. Charles Arthur. Prices in the UK differ.

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