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September 19, 2008

Having said that, I tend to be a bit of an insomniac but it didn't move me to seek out a prescription.

Sure, we all "love" it and I am sure it will win awards. But it has not sold you on the drug and may not have sold anyone. My case is closed! Note: Today driving out of Philly I saw a huge Rozerem reminder ad billboard. This kind of reminder ad is the worst of the worst! I almost didn't see the drug name! I love this spot also.

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It got my attention enough to go to the web and google, tv commercial, abe lincoln, and beaver. I'm glad the employees added comments. I was on the right track that the drug allows you to dream and if you ever remember your dreams they tend to be weird. I love the beaver.

I thought the guy making breakfast was a space man, not a diver as others have stated.. I don't need the drug; I have no problem sleeping. If anyone I knew was having trouble then I would surely remember the ad, which is exactly what they want us to do. Maybe I'm the only one, but is it coincidence that Groundhog day is Feb 2nd and Lincoln's birthday is Feb 12th with President's day a few days later? Wonder if Takeda's formal launch will be in mid February, or if there's going to be some crazy Valentine's day promotion? Where have I seen that guy who plays Lincoln??

Driving me crazy trying to remember Mike.


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The ad is all about sex! Lincoln, with his stove pipe hat on is about as close to a talking Phallic symbol as you can get. And the beaver is obviously just that! The chess game could be an internal struggle between homo and heterosexual tendencies. The third character in the TV ad is a what appears to be a deep sea diver- symbolizing going down!!

I do not have an answer on the clock.

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This high budget campaign seems to offer nothing to the company that is paying for it. The message is cryptic and unclear, the symbol of dreams is unlikely, the nature of the conversation is confusing. If dreams are a product advantage to this sleep aid, then this is totally lost in the ad. I'm all for daring marketing but this campaign does not communicate product benefits, it only irritates. I like the commercial.

My husband doesn't understand why. I don't think about hidden messages. I just thought that every guy "dreams" about going into space one day, or being the president and doing it "honestly", and what heterosexual male doesn't dream of having a smart woman at his side game for anything??? I find the commercial quiet and relaxing and easy to relate to concerning insomnia. Does anyone else feel that?

Come on Lincoln just represents another dead president money. The guy is missing his dreams about money and beaver! However, does anybody know why there is a deep sea diver in the background? Get real - everybody's talking about this ad. I'm only on this site because I googled the product because my friends and I have been talking about the ad! And let's resolve the clock issue right now. When the guy first comes in, he's yawning and scratching.

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Abe says, "We missed you last night". This indicates that the conversation is obviously taking place in the early morning after a night of tossing and turning. And that's how much impact the commercial has - people can actually quote the lines! I want to know what the beaver is eating. The beaver stands for sex a womans beaver , Lincoln stands for money.

The deep sea diver not an astronaut stands for sex also going down. All male oriented dreams. He sounds so familiar it's driving me crazy? I thought the third character was not preparing breakfast not at the time shown on the clock but was washing the dishes and was therefore a "pearl diver"; a nickname for a dish washer.

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When I first saw this ad, I thought "What the? Now that's clever! Has anyone noticed that the beaver and Lincoln look extremely like the insomniac? Maybe it's just my overactive imagination. I haven't seen the billboard or magazine ads only a picture on this website , but I think their use of space is as bizarre and effective as the TV ad. I think this is an extremely well thought-out and creative advertisement. I'm not an insomniac, but I almost want to buy their product to entice them to produce more ads. Lincoln is the one with the Tall Hat!

He represents the phallic symbol. The Beaver represents the female genitalia. The Diver took me a while…I also kept thinking he was a spaceman. It blew my mind when I figured out he was the Deep Sea diver.

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  • A friend claims he saw a razor near the beaver. But I have yet to make out a razor. The others I can understand It's obvious that I started an avalanche of interpretation of this ad. Let me add this to the discussion: The characters in the ad are all MALE and almost every interpretation of the ad involves male sexual fantasies. I also note that Rozerem's competitors -- Lunesta and AmbienCR -- depict more women than men as sufferers of insomnia.

    Now, I do not know the demographics of the typical insomnia sufferer, but the Rozerem ad agency chose to ignore any appeal to women, which I think is a big mistake. Regardless of whether more women than men suffer from insomnia, women influence the majority of decisions about healthcare in their families.

    When I originally published this post, I said the ad dissed Lincoln. I should have included women as well. Hate to disappoint all of you but there are specific reasons for both Abe and the beaver.

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    Beavers don't sleep at night; they are up all night making damns. Abe Lincoln never slept at night either; he was too busy educating himself, reading etc by candlelight. No good word on the significance of the deep sea diver. Rozeram guys, what does it mean? Look at how much interpretation we are doing. It is ment to get your attention--and it did. It is way better than a blue moth suggesting some kind of amnesic sleep.

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